15 tips for good parenting practices

Parenting practices are specific behaviors that parents use to socialize their children. Being a parent in not easy job. And trying to be a perfect parent is unrealistic. Because no one is perfect. Neither the parent nor the child.  But as a parent we should always try to set good parenting practices.

Parents are role models for children. You have to set high standards for yourself first then secondly your children.

Here are 15 tips for good parenting practices:

1.What you do makes difference.   Children are watching your behavior. Don’t just preach them what to do. Show them by practicing in your daily routine. Respect your child, show them positive behavior and understand their emotions.

2.Show your love and affection.  Spend quality time with children. Your love and support will uplift your child’s self-esteem and build positive relationship.

3.Be involved in children activities.  Teach children new things. Play with them. Read them stories. Show interest in their activities even if…

Parenting Styles:Which One is Best for Your Child?

Having  seven years of parenting experience of two kids, i cannot say that i have mastered parenting task. Because parenting is a hard job, damn hard. I am totally confused and doubt my parenting style sometimes. And i wish there were books like:"Sure-shot Guide to Successful Parenting ". I researched about different  parenting styles that i am going to talk about.
Researchers have discovered four types of parenting styles. Authoritative: In this parenting style, ·Clear rules are set and there is high expectation from the child. ·Still parents value their child’s feelings and are supportive. ·They try to make positive relationship with the children. ·It can be said democratic style.
Effect : ·High academic performance and more self –esteem is found in children. ·Children have better social skills.
Authoritarian: ·